Speaking Engagements

We have been guest speakers on radio broadcasts including “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” moderated by Dr. Barbara Austin Lucas on WWRL-1600 AM.  We have also addressed private audiences, congregations, students and teachers.

As a weight management specialist, certified by the American Dietetic Association in Adult Weight Management, I understand the science of remaining lean and vital at any age.   This is why I will help you set realizable goals in both eating and exercise, so defying age and reclaiming your health and energy become as second nature to you, as it is to me.

We will also give you personalized, motivational support and if necessary, hand-hold you through every step of your journey.  Of course, weight loss can be achieved without exercise, but as you know, exercise is critical to prevent regain.  As certified personal trainers, we will keep you accountable, so each success becomes another glorious notch toward your ultimate goal.