Weight Management Clinics

We conduct clinics for institutions and private entities.  These are comprehensive, empowering events where attendees experience tangible benefits during and afterwards.  At one such all-day clinic hosted by the Sports & Arts in Schools Foundation, we addressed a group of 100 physical education teachers, prepared a tasty, low-cal breakfast & lunch and provided detailed explanation for our particular selection of ingredients, herbs & spices.   At another, hosted by the elite Packer Collegiate Institute in Brooklyn, NY, we held multiple exercise classes for the students.

Workshop Coordinator

We’ve conducted workshops of various sizes, including our largest, a 12-week program for 150 middle school girls in Brooklyn.  This involved teaching the rudiments of nutrition and weight management while conducting 3 weekly 30-minute exercise sessions resulting in significant reductions in fat%s, BMI and weight.

In another, a 3-month program for the New York City Housing Authority, we were assigned to teach 100 seniors the fundamentals of nutrition while preparing daily meals with the cooking staff in order to demonstrate how to cook tasty meals healthily.