Weight Management & Nutrition Counseling

a) Live; and/or

b) Via e-mail and/or phone

  • Complete food and exercise assessments
  • Meal Planning, Nutritional & Culinary Modifications
  • Complete food intake & exercise analysis: daily personalized, interactive food & activity journal evaluation
  • Informed instruction on the selection of meals and snacks, so you know (e.g., which foods provide the most nutrients per calorie and which
    ones are just fluff
  • How to navigate the restaurant circuit and emerge unscathed
  • Negotiating the grocery store knowledgeably
  • Provide nutrition counseling and education in individual and/or group sessions. If you are suffering from obesity-related diseases, we create a plan of care and work with you to accomplish your goals within your targeted time frames, and assist you with behavior modifications.

Behavior Assessments

In accordance with the established methods of the Nutrition Care Process, we assess your “readiness to change”. Then we help you acquire the skills, motivation & support to improve your lifestyle. We also explain the linkage between your current eating pattern and its impact on your health and future well being.

Our Weight Management & Nutrition Counseling package includes:

  • The 5-week Structured Meal Plan
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Behavior Assessment
  • Personal Training
  • Daily review of physical activity and food diary
  • Visual of progress report (optional)

However, each of these services and/or our other services may also be purchased separately. For details and pricing, please contact us, or you may complete the form below.

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