Weight loss is achievable with any diet.  The challenge is to:

  • Find exciting, tasty, mouth-watering food that you love to eat, so there is no temptation to “cheat”.  If you love what you eat, there will be no need to crave food which will only damage your body.  At Fiber & Spice, you actually “cheat” at every meal.  So, it’s gourmet without guilt!
  • Choose a regimen which supplies adequate amounts of nutrients with the bonus of a calorie deficit;
  • Maintain the weight loss not by remaining undernourished or malnourished, but with a healthy lipid profile and body composition.

There are no shortages of quick-fix diets, colonics or potions.  But with every failed attempt at weight loss, the body becomes more proficient at making and storing fat.  So with continued recourse to such artificial methods, the body will succumb to chronic illnesses, malfunction or persistent overweight.  Besides, all these diets carry the psychological burden of deprivation which is itself a recipe for relapse and recidivism.

Therefore, to lose weight and most importantly, to keep it off permanently, it is necessary to develop a realistic understanding of:

a)     How your current weight affects/could affect your health now and in the future?

b)     What are the consequences of doing nothing?

c)      How ready are you to make a commitment to yourself?

d)     Are you committed to taking the prescribed steps to achieve your goals?

Research has proven repeatedly, that the chances of achieving permanent weight loss are significantly increased with ongoing support from a nutrition professional.  In fact, without support even from a reliable friend, spouse or partner, weight regain is almost assured.

Support Services

Once you’ve committed to a healthy, vital, disease-free version of yourself, you can rely on us for:

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