Fiber & Spice

Fiber & Spice is a food and fitness company dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain your weight management goals with minimal stress and expenditure.  To that end, we have adapted your favorite recipes into organic, waist-friendly versions so you can eat without fear.   Being certified by the American Dietetic Association in Adult Weight Management, has given us the factual knowledge to offer you the best of nutrition and exercise to maintain optimal health.

Fiber & Spice exemplifies the lifestyle which has kept us medically vital well past our prime.  It’s an essential service to keep you supplied with organic, nutrient-dense, low calorie, gourmet meals, while monitoring your physical activity, so you are never overwhelmed by such necessary details.

Our aim is to reach those who must make lifestyle changes, but require encouragement and committed coaches to help them take those critical steps.  Without sound, hands-on nutritional counseling, weight management remains elusive.  Having had such success helping friends and family reach and exceed their goals, we take great pleasure in extending this service to you.

Fiber & Spice is a one-stop shop, offering a unique combination of tasty food, evidence-based nutrition counseling and fitness.  No other meal service or fitness company offers this convenience.  As certified personal trainers, we understand the science of keeping weight off; the set point theory, the energy gap, the proverbial heart rate, manipulating calories, critical NIH (National Institutes of Health) recommendations, sagging metabolism, overpowering resilient fat cells, etc.  But as experienced caterers with formal culinary training from ICE and others, we skillfully combine the two to keep you smiling right into your jeans.

The numbers on the measuring tape in our logo indicate high risk waist circumference cut points for women at 35 inches, and for men, at 40 inches, with 30 being the safe number for women.  A waist circumference of 35 for women and 40 for men are a measure of abdominal obesity and a marker for insulin resistance and heart disease.

Fiber & Spice offers medical nutrition therapy, disguised as fun food.  With our structured meal plans, you will attain an optimal body mass index, healthy fat percentage and lipid panel numbers, and significantly decreased intra abdominal fat.  We select foods based upon their superior nutritive value and established health benefits.  We are never motivated by popularity or trendiness, which is why pork belly, ox tail or chitlines will never be on our menu.    With Fiber & Spice, you can wave goodbye to Metamucil and other non-nutrient sources of fiber.  Instead, say hello to a more exciting plate.


Our History:

Fiber & Spice is the synchronization of the food and fitness venture we began in 2002.  During our 5 years as owners/managers of 2 Curves gyms in New York, food was the perennial obstacle to our members’ achieving and maintaining weight loss.  The desire was there, the determination almost constant.  But food was the sword that invariably impaled them.  Our 99% success rate was the direct result of our radical deviations from Curves policy.

Instead, our trademark included personalized attention and other effective exercise routines targeting specific problem areas, especially expanded waistlines and abdomens.  At the same time, we began supplying our members with daily meals and desserts.  Now, they could “cheat” on tasty, exciting food without regret.  Before long, we were reworking their favorite recipes: mac & cheese, chocolate chip cookies, fried chicken, Jamaican patties, pizza, cheesecake, blondies, brownies,  pecan pie, banana pudding.  Everything imaginable!  Since we could not fail our members and risk recidivism, we spent hours adapting one recipe after another, balancing nutrients, increasing fiber, but removing just enough fat and carbs to hold the products together deliciously.  It was tough.  But ultimately, so rewarding for us and for them when the scale tipped, fat %s dropped and BMIs fell, that we kept adapting.

As more and more members’ successes were posted on our Wall of Fame, production increased.  Soon we had a full-fledged catering business doubling as a dessert shop, D Sweet B Café, which specialized in Ciao Bella sorbets, gelatos & frozen yogurt.  Today, we produce our own sorbets and frozen yogurts ourselves.   And with all its “live and active cultures”, frozen yogurt is no longer a stepchild.  It is healthier than ice cream and all dressed up and ready for the prom.


Our Experience:

As our food business expanded, we accepted several public, private, long- and short-term catering and teaching assignments.  Among them was our contract with the New York City Housing Authority in which we taught healthy cooking to their kitchen staff and nutrition to the senior citizens at Saratoga Square in Brooklyn.  We were also the full-service caterers for over 300 guests at the first SUNY Downstate Healthy Heart Symposium held at the Concord Baptist Church.  In 2009, we were the dessert caterers for over 500 guests at another of their Healthy Heart events.  We have held multiple health clinics in which we’ve addressed specific health issues, held exercise sessions, taken anthropometric measurements and served fun meals.   We have also had Board of Education assignments including presentations to 100+ physical education teachers on specific topics in nutrition and weight management, and provided breakfast and lunch to those groups.  We have also held weight management clinics for parents, teachers and students of many Brooklyn elementary, middle and high schools.

At all those events, we have used our trademark meals to illustrate the concept of the guilt-free gourmet.  In 2005, our Curves signed a contract with the Sports & Arts in Schools Foundation to introduce exercise and teach nutrition to over 145 middle school girls from 8 different Brooklyn schools.

Our involvement in the industry has become even stronger since separating from Curves, especially since the weight management crisis appears to have ballooned in the interim.  So many of our former members, the majority of our contemporaries and young people are losing their battle with the bulge, with waist sizes and lipid profiles totally out of control, that we created Fiber & Spice in an effort to buck that trend.