“I met Irma and Dwight during a period of my life when I could not lose the excess weight. Irma took me in hand and started me on a rigid exercise and food regimen. I must say her method was both stern and loving. Her meals were delicious and everyone had something exciting to look forward to each day. I wish I was near her these days. I also used her food service for my Real Estate business meetings. It got to the point where members would call ahead to find out what were the treats for the meetings. If you want something different exotic and tasty, just go ahead and let Irma do her thing. You will not regret it”.

- Jean Hinds
Banking executive and former Curves client.

I first met Irma and Dwight in 2004 when I visited her sister, who was being treated at Sloan Kettering. The most striking thing was the way they were focused on changing the lifestyle her sister had been living until then, by making sure she got regular exercise, balanced meals and enjoyed a stress free environment. As a result, she was more receptive to the medication, so by the time her sister was ready to return to the Caribbean 9 months later, her doctor pronounced her “cancer free”.


A few years later, when my husband and I were in desperate need of a lifestyle overhaul, but had no idea how to begin, Irma and Dwight spent an entire weekend at our house teaching us the ropes. We started with a thorough navigation of the grocery store with detailed instruction on how to read labels, what to avoid, which nutrients are critical to weight management and in what quantities, etc. Afterwards, we had cooking demonstrations of entrées, sides and desserts, how to negotiate the high glycemic starches, replacements for fats, etc. The next day, we had a thorough workout at our home gym with special emphasis on running, since Dwight is a former USA Track Coach, abdominals and back exercises. Our bonus was Irma’s famous breakfast including Health Valley granola, fresh fruit, fat free yogurt, walnuts, flaxseed meal, etc. We thought, “if this is breakfast, why do we need fried eggs and ham”?


Of all the goodies that Irma makes, my favorite is probably her Jamaican patties, which are 98% fat free chicken and vegetables with no lard or fillers like breadcrumbs. Imagine enjoying whole grain Jamaican patties. And with no weight gain either. Irma also makes a dark chocolate chip cookie bursting with flavor, and black cake with Splenda.


Who knew healthy eating could be so exciting? Irma and Dwight saw us through this weight loss period with daily analysis of our food and activity journals and monitoring of our weekly measurements, especially our BMI, fat %s and waist circumference. Today, we are on a whole new path, thanks to those two.

- Ann-Marie Lee-Wilkins, RN, BS, CRRN, PCM

Irma is among the most passionate weight management professionals you are ever likely to meet. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, regardless of your age and past efforts, she is your best bet. Of course, she is relentless about using exercise to maintain youth and stave off illness. But her most valuable quality is her unique skill at preparing the most delicious food – actual food and delectable desserts – without the unnecessary carbs and fat. She is really a wiz at healthy cooking. You will be eating without missing out on anything. And I am not talking about the usual lettuce and tomato, carrots and broccoli. Hers is gourmet food, extravagantly prepared like you would enjoy at any top notch hotel. But nutritious and without repercussions.


Whenever I have spent time with Irma, I have never been concerned about gaining weight because although I have literally eaten like a queen, I have actually lost weight or remained stable. Even in party situations, I have derived the utmost pleasure with zero damage.


As far as exercise goes, however, she and Dwight are relentless. In fact, I have dubbed them “the body builders, who eat a lot”. As we age, you know how difficult it is to remain fit and vital. Well, because of their no-nonsense attitude about nutrition and fitness, their defiance of age and their zest for life, they consistently deliver on their promise to help people lose weight and keep it off. And this is no recent hobby either. Irma first introduced me to the gym in 1982 and has never taken her eyes off me since. She has gotten several of my friends into shape and totally changed their relationship with unhealthy food.


Irma’s most memorable trait, however, is her compassion, natural warmth, humour and genuine interest in people. Regardless of the difficulty of your road ahead, whether you have taken multiple falls off the proverbial wagon, have certain food addictions, or feel it’s just too late, Irma will take you there and keep you there. She truly is one of a kind.

- Joyce E. Dear, MBA, FCCA
Retired partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers


I have been a loyal customer of the Fiber and Spice brand since 2006. I was introduced to Irma Douglas (proprietor) through the Curves gym she previously owned. At this time, I weighed an enormous 247lbs, which is A LOT considering I am 5’1. Irma provided an in-depth consultation (i.e. assessing my body type, level of energy/commitment to losing weight) and created a weight loss regimen tailored to my specific needs. She combined high intensity workouts, with flavorful and nutritious food. I was skeptical about this because of my previous, unsuccessful attempts at losing weight. However, after meeting Irma and viewing her passion and unlimited dedication to educating women about the perils of poor nutrition, along with her infectious personality, I was motivated to begin her program. I discussed with Irma my favorite foods (i.e. pizza, chocolate chip cookies) and she explained that she can make those same items in a healthier way. Needless to say, I was very skeptical about her claim. The next day, she provided me with a sample of her specialty pizza, loaded with my favorite (i.e. chicken, cheese, broccoli) along with her chocolate chip cookies and it was absolutely MAGNIFICENT!!!! I have never yearned for another pizza from the local pizzeria again! The cookies were just WONDERFUL. I was in Heaven, but thought it couldn’t possibly be healthy, since it tastes so good. Well, I was certainly wrong. I never gained one ounce of weight eating Irma’s food and exercising with her. Utilizing the Fiber and Spice foods, along with Irma’s high octane workouts made the pounds just melt away. I lost 60 pounds in 3 months and can report that I have not regained any of the weight!


Hence, I highly recommend the Fiber and Spice brand because it definitely works! It is premium quality food that is both healthy and flavorful at an affordable price”.

- Shamika Daniels, MA, LCSW, LMHC
Nutrition & fitness client & former Curves member

Comments from clients who wish to remain anonymous:

Thanks for the encouragement Irma. I could not have made it this far without your counsel and support.


Thank you for caring.
Thanks again for your consistent effort and direction.
Thanks for understanding Irma, and thank you for being willing to help. I am so grateful.


Thanks for the encouragement. I am happy that my body is responding to the changes I have made. I was worried that it wouldn’t. I had just about resolved to be obese for the rest of my life because I felt like nothing I tried worked. I am so glad you have got me on the path that I needed.


Good afternoon, Irma. Hope all is well. Just wanted thank you for the veggie dish that you sent me. Had it for lunch and LOVED it. It was reminiscent of mac-n-cheese dish. I did taste small bits of meat, looked like pork, but I know it wasn’t because you know I don’t eat pork. Also, the chocolate cake was a little different and LOOOOVED it as well. You put an extra layer of chcoclate. Thought I wouldn’t notice, huh?!


Anyway, my order remains the same w/an extra slice of Red Velvet cake.

Hello Irma. Hope all is well.

I am writing to confirm my order of two (2) batches of cookies along w/two (2) slices of red velvet cake.


I also wanted to ThankYou for the Sunday workout that you sent w/Dwight. It was quite effective PAINFUL but EFFECTIVE. Once again I apologize for the late reply. Please do not think that your work is not appreciated though you are missed in the field.


Thank You, Irma. I could not ThankYou and Dwight enough for the past two years especially. Not to throw away the years before that. Margaret has bandage/cast on her wrist, but she will be at work out this weekend. Just to let you know, so that you could adjust her work out.


Irma is a fantastic trainer. I worked out with her for two years, and learned more about nutrition and keeping in shape than ever before or since. She has an energetic and encouraging manner, and high expectations for her clients, which inspired me to go to the gym even on days when I was tired and might rather have gone straight home. Because of Irma’s training methods and real enthusiasm for her job, I significantly lowered my body fat percentage and built muscle all while learning how to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Irma helped me to discover abilities and strengths that I never knew I had, and her positive attitude brightened my day each time I saw her.


I have absolutely no hesitation about recommending Irma to work for Equinox, and if you hire her, I would seriously consider joining your gym just for the privilege of training under her again. I cannot emphasize enough how she was able to inspire me and the other women at her gym each day. If you would like to speak with me further or have any follow-up questions, please feel free to contact me.


You must probably be in Dominica by now, helping people to get back in shape. I’m already missing you; your enthusiasm and passion for workouts and nutrition and your dedication to the people who struggle to stay fit. I could use you friendly advice and help right now. Good luck with your business and be sure to come visit us ,with Dwight, when you return to US.

- Margaret Gil
Member of Training Station gym, Port Washington, New York

“It’s apparent with Irma and Dwight that fitness and proper nutrition isn’t a business venture, but a passion and a way of life. Irma was always finding creative and delicious ways of making healthy dishes from foods that I had never considered “could be good and good for you” such as lentils, beets, flax seeds, etc. Her love of cooking is equally matched by her ability to encourage you and push you beyond your physical limitations. I remember when I thought that I couldn’t finish my allotted time on the treadmill and I was sweating and shouting “I have to stop. I just can’t go on another minute” she replied “You weren’t saying that you couldn’t go on when you were eating the red velvet cake were you….. so give me the final five minutes”.

- Tunji Fussell
Former Curves member